Online Solution Coordinates Customer Support Activity

Manage Hundreds Of Jobs Easily With Very Few People



Put Customer problems on tickets. Retain customer information. Have your customer interact directly with the solution.



Have your employees log into the system to update and assign tickets. Handle hundreds of tickets with very few employees.



Build an inventory of technicians that you can dispatch to tickets. Create a network of trusted vendors in every service area.

Eight Outstanding Features Of The Ticketing Solution

You Can Tell A Ticketing Solutions Is Effective Because It Has These Features

1. It Is Accessible And Easy To Use

Ticketing System is accessible to all users via a web interface both as an intranet (for internal users) and the internet (for external users). It is simple for users to enter data or update their information.

5. It Can Send Tickets Through Multiple Channels

Users can send tickets via phone, email, or through an account that has been registered. Customers can relay their concerns through these channels if they encounter glitches.

2. It Lets Customers View The Status Of Tickets

Letting customers view ticket status makes them feel as though they are part of the process. Private actions on tickets are filtered, as not all entries on the ticket are viewable to customers.

6. It Groups Related Tickets Into Queues

Ticketing Systemn maximizes organization by grouping related tickets into ticket queues, for example "Needs Dispatch." Related tickets are grouped so it becomes easier for users to manage them.

3. It Tracks The Ticket's History

A ticket history is preserved. Ticket history tracks the progress of a project. It supports documentation for disputes. It traces problems. Even after a ticket is resolved, the ticket history remains in the system.

7. It Has Comprehensive Notification Alerts

Ticketing System has various mechanisms to issue notifications about system activities to all end users. Any change in status, for example, will prompt a message through notification emails or texts sent to customers.

4. It Includes File Upload And Storage

Ticketing System lets you upload and store files for a ticket, a site, or a technician. When the technician arrives on site, he has all the files he needs already in the system such as photos, word docs, or pdfs.

8. It Can Be Customized To Your Workflow

Ticketing System does not tie you up. Instead, it is flexible enough to suit your needs. We offer a service to alter the source codes, so the features and functions become in finely tuned with your needs.