Ticketing System Manages Hundreds of Problems Easily and Efficiently!

Do you want to learn how to manage hundreds of simultaneious jobs easily and efficiently in five minutes? If so, watch the Ticketing System video. Ticketing System is a radical new way to manage problems. It works by organizing clients, workers, and office people into a single, unified, support system. It gives everyone visibility by organizing problems onto tickets. Once the problem is stated on the ticket and dispatched to a worker, it's simple to manage the workload. Ticketing System makes order out of chaos by getting everything and everyone into the system. Shown below is a list of dispatched tickets. It's easy to manage hundreds of problems when they're organized like this:

Dispatch tickets from your site easily

Ticketing System Provides The Power To Get Organized!

Use the power of the Internet to dispatch tickets to a network of approved vendors. Vendors do not have to be your employees. They are independent businesses. Vendors like Ticket System because they get jobs. When you dispatch a ticket to a vendor, Tickets System sends email notification. Vendors receive the notification email, log into the Vendor Area, and pick up their tickets. Vendors only see only tickets assigned to them. They have a limited view with only the information required to do their job.

With your tickets in Dispatch status you (or your employees) manage. You can see exactly what the vendor is doing (as the vendor update the ticket). You identify problems immediately. Everything moves. Vendors are held accountable. When the vendor signs off the ticket it goes into complete status.

Organize your customer support into a finely tuned orchestration of people. Satisfy your customers. Keep your vendors working. Provide a responsive support system. Manage hundreds of problems with one or two people. Don't get buried. Get Ticketing System and manage your workload easily.

Ticketing System comes at a low monthly rate with no per user charges. The first 30 days are free and you can start immediately. If you'd like to discuss it, call us. If you'd like to move forward with the 30 day free trial, click the free trial tab above.

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